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sports_nutrition_guidebook_Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook

This comprehensive and popular resource has sold over 550,000 copies! Active people like the book because it teaches them how to eat well, lose fat, and have more energy. Profssionals like this book because it combines nutrition and exercise science with practical eating tips.


Nutrient TimingNutrient Timing

Nutrient Timing describes the critical role nutrient intervention at the appropriate time can have on exercise performance, recovery and training adaptation.  It provides the reader with the opportunity to reflect as they develop the needed understanding of the Nutrient Timing concept for use in their own exercise and nutrition program.


Hardwired for FitnessHardwired for Fitness

Hardwired for Fitness explains how our fitness level is controlled by key metabolic circuits, how an inappropriate lifestyle disconnects these circuits, and how they can be resynchronized to unleash a powerful arsenal of metabolic weapons to help one get and stay in shape naturally.


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