Nutrition for Sports, Exercise & Weight Management

What Really Works and Why?

Learn what it takes to help active people win with good nutrition!

How many clients do you have that are totally confused about what, when and how to eat for energy, health, and top performance? This intensive workshop is designed to address the questions and concerns of the dietitians, coaches, fitness leaders and other health professionals who work with active people. We’ll cover the spectrum from fitness exercisers to competitive athletes and you will leave with practical tips on how to effectively teach the sports nutrition message. You will leave feeling confident in the information you share with your clients.

Topics include:

  • principles of exercise training,
  • how to create sports-related food plans,
  • the importance of meal and supplement timing,
  • the latest in ergogenic aids, and
  • how to get your business going in the right direction.

The workshop will combine science with real-world experience, including case studies and the personal wisdom of the two highly respected leaders, sports dietitian Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD, and exercise physiologist and researcher John Ivy PhD.

Upcoming workshops

COLUMBIA, SC Host: Cayce Tennis Center Dec 2-3, 2016
NASHVILLE, TN Host: Lipscomb University Dec 9-10, 2016
ATLANTA/DULUTH Host: Gwinnet Medical Center
Duluth-Glancy Campus
Jan 20-21, 2017
JACKSONVILLE, FL Host: University of North Florida Jan 27-28, 2017
FT LAUDERDALE, FL Host: Nova Southeastern University
Ft Lauderdale FL
Mar 3-4, 2017

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Why should you join us?

By coming to this workshop, you can tip the chances of success your way! Nancy and John have more than 50 years of combined experience in sports nutrition, exercise physiology and fitness related research; you will have access to wise minds to help guide you toward the career you have envisioned.

Unlike yet-another-webinar that offers no opportunity to network, this workshop offers personal interactions and opportunities to learn from not just the speakers but also your peers.  Bring your resume or business card and be ready to network!

Who should attend this workshop:

Registered dietitians, exercise leaders, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, sports medicine professionals, coaches, and any professional who works with clients who strive to be healthy, fit, and able to perform at their best. Athletes themselves are also welcome; they’ll learn first-hand how to eat to win.

What you will get from the workshop:
  • What’s new (and what’s old) regarding sports nutrition and training information.
  • A deeper understanding of the interactions of nutrition and exercise training
  • Practical counseling tips you can immediately put into use
  • Insights into how to resolve weight and body image issues
  • A guide for improving your business and professional activities
  • The opportunity to learn from two highly respected sports nutrition professionals
  • Networking time with peers so you can develop new ideas to help create and expand your business
  • Confidence in your sports nutrition counseling skills

If you feel ready to treat yourself to a rewarding 1.5 days of professional growth, sign up today at Registration page.  This is the last time this workshop will be in this area for four years; don’t procrastinate!

“Both presenters were fantastic! I feel as though I have learned truly useful information. I appreciate the inclusion of a variety of research, including some very new information. The passion and knowledge of the presenters was refreshing and inspiring. Very well done!” — ACSM Member